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This decision changed Rock history – Ian Anderson (most people think of him as "Jethro Tull" but that is his band's name) decided to concentrate on playing a silver flute instead of the guitar.  He chose to concentrate on a mouth instrument instead of the dominant Rock instrument at the time, guitar, and created his own style and stood way out from the pack – is there a lesson here?  Couldn't this still be done with harmonica?  Here's Ian Anderson much later still at it on his mouth instrument.


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Ian Anderson: 'I swapped Lemmy's £30000 guitar for £30 pound flute.'

"The only things he could play were “a little harmonica and a tin whistle”. He returned his guitar to the music store with £60 credit from his hire purchase agreement, “the shiny flute was hanging on the wall, and there was a Shure Unidyne III …See all stories on this topic »"

It's a really good idea to change-up what you do with instruments onstage – certainly just guitar isn't enough.  Playing guitar and harmonica sounds incredible (or at least it should) and gets better the more practice you put into it.
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Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson 's Flute Solo


"Jethro Tull."

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